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By Admin Aug 20,2019

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Freelance Programming Part-Time or Full-Time? Can you be a full-time freelance programmer? Absolutely.

 Still, be aware that working alone requires self- discipline, effective marketing strategies, excellent customer service, and nurturing existing customers to keep them long-term.

Do you work another job? Don’t be discouraged.

 It’s common for freelancers to be employed while sustaining their own business.These professionals have families, maintain their households,and manage to grow their businesses with discipline.

I strongly recommend that you ask yourself this question before

 you decide to leave a full-time job. If successful, your services can be in-demand to the point where turning down clients is the norm as you work a full-time job. In contrast, growing the business can be the solution to career happiness.

Do you have a family? Speak with your spouse and children about 

the reality of working from home.

Here is a list of items to review before you leap into a full-time freelance business:

Set an ideal annual income to take care of personal and business expenses.

Avoid setting a timeline, because if the goal is not met, it can lead to disappointment.

Calculate the expenses and tax advantages of leasing an office space or working from home.