Job Description

I’d like to make a parcel fulfillment website with front and end panels, similar to myus or shipito, a full system where the customer is provided with an address, then he can use it to do his online shopping and we receive his packages, he can controls the package from his panel either by consolidating packages, reducing its size, taking a photo for it, splitting the package and finally shipping it through the suitable shipping method. The website would also provide shopping service where the customer can add a link for a preferred item, then we buy it for him and put it in his account, the website would also have a shipping calculator where customers can check the shipping rates to their destination. The website also has a membership system, three memberships, free, premium and gold, shipping rates can be given a discount for premium and golden membership. A payment gate system needs to be added as well, packages history, transactions history, e-mail verification. API integration from other systems so they can be compatible together. I want a complete website with a nice design.

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