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1-INTEGRATION SHIPPING RATE WITH BUNGKUSIT a)Fare Calculator 2-INTEGRATION LOCATION PICKER-GOOGLE MAPS a)Customer address b)Customer location latitute / longitute 3-VENDOR/SHOPS LOCATION a)Address b)Location latitute / longitute 4-ADDITIONAL INFO BUNGKUSIT a)Order type:Delivery Now ADMIN MODULE Admin Login: 1-AUTHENTICATION BUNGKUSIT 2-BOOKING ORDER/DETAILS Vendor/Shop Login: 1-MANAGE THE ORDER AND CREATE BOOKING 2-CREATE BOOKING BUNGKUSIT 3-LIVE TRACKER BUNGKUSIT 5-CANCEL ORDER BUNGKUSIT WOOCOMMERCE CHECKOUT MODULE 1.Basically in billing form need google map in order to capture: a)Latitude and Longitude 2.Location picker-google map a)Embeded map/Pop up window map b)Auto populate fill when location selected from map by customer i.Town / City -auto ii.State / County-auto iii.Postcode / ZIP-auto iv.Customer only have to fill street address-manual c)Latitude and Longitude customer location are hidden from customer 3.Vendor a)Latitude and Longitude are hidden from customer b)Address are hidden from customer 4.Shipping Rate a)Send param to BungkusIT i.Grab/send Latitude and Longitude customer location this refer droppoint ii.Grab/send Latitude and Longitude shop location this refer pickpoint iii.Address/send customer location/shop location iv.Order type by default is NOW and hidden from customer 1.Reason by default NOW rather than LATER because to avoid date/time pickup param which is unnecessary b)Return of param from BungkusIT (not sure if bungkusIT can cater to this) i.Within boundaries return rate of shipping ii.Outside boundaries return not in the coverage area 5.All additional customer information will be store. a)In order for vendor to create booking with BungkusIT. ADMIN MODULE ADMIN MODULE 1.BUNGKUSIT GENERAL SETTING PAGE a)Authentication to the Bungkusit API i. app_id ii. token 2.CREATE BOOKING BUNGKUSIT a)Basically once received order need to create booking with BungkusIT i.Record can be retrieve from customer order ii.All necessary Param send to BungkusIT 3.BOOKING DETAILS BUNGKUSIT a)can retrieve booking order record 4.LIVE TRACKER a)Retrieve request of rider's current location-If applicable 5.CANCEL ORDER a)If applicable in case of unexpected circumstances

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