Job Description

Meteor js developer to maintain and co-develop features on existing application (Part/Full-Time) Have you been actively building in meteor recently? Please link to any github repos or code samples you may have. Experienced meteor developer required part-time to familiarise themselves with our marketing and sales platform built on Meteor js, to help in optimising and documenting existing code and eventually becoming full-time and working on development and maintenance. --- Over the last 5 years, I've built an internal platform for our company to handle everything from online lead generation, webinar training, ecommerce sales funnels, sales crm and voip system. It's been built bit by bit over the years and while extremely effective and valuable, has grown quite unruly. Especially as the developer (me) was only learning to code in the early stages... so there's a lot truly awful (yet still working) code in there. I'm looking to bring someone on part-time initially, to help work through, optimise, clean and document the system. Once it becomes familiar, you'll be full-time working alongside me in creating new features and maintenance.

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