Job Description

We need 2 ‘responsive’ emails to be created. These would be based on 2 PDFs that the system can output now, they would be quite similar but with a few tweaks as emails don’t have such obvious ‘pages’ and to ensure it works on various screen sizes. All the static data exists in the db it just needs to be populated into the HTML emails. For the recipients the emails need to work correctly from mobile size to desktop screen size across the popular email systems e.g. gmail, yahoo, outlook, apple etc. Some of the static data can be in Russian text. As well as the main content of the email (similar to the PDF a user simply selects the boat to include which can be 1 to n) we would also need to enter (which could be unique per email) the subject, an introduction to the email, as well as to, bc and bcc. There would also be a standard ‘signature’ including logo appended to each email. The CMS systems has the concept of a publisher and some of the static for the output is based on the selected publisher e.g. first/last page images and logos, and signature details. Most of the content of the email/PDF is based on the boat(s) the user selects. Note this is a CMS system and so not a public website although hosted in the cloud.

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