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Budget $100-$250
Bidding Time Mar 26,2019 - Mar 29, 2019

Job Description

Hello Everyone, I want to get a website built using the content of an existing website. The new website will have same functionality except some changes in product navigation. Moreover, I would like to add a calendar to show the current and past events. I also want the developer to redirect the traffic to new website. The website needs to be build on php. Please reply only if you are a freelancer and available in Delhi.
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Client Profile Bhawna123
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Deliver in 5 Days | Bid ID: 1728 Mar 26,2019 Proposed Budget $200


Deliver in 4 Days | Bid ID: 1729 Mar 26,2019 Proposed Budget $250


Deliver in 10 Days | Bid ID: 1737 Mar 28,2019 Proposed Budget $200


Deliver in 8 Days | Bid ID: 1738 Mar 28,2019 Proposed Budget $200


Deliver in 20 Days | Bid ID: 1741 Mar 28,2019 Proposed Budget $100


Deliver in 4 Days | Bid ID: 1767 Apr 06,2019 Proposed Budget $230


Deliver in 15 Days | Bid ID: 1791 Apr 12,2019 Proposed Budget $150