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Budget $750-$1500
Bidding Time Mar 21,2019 - Apr 14, 2019

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Wallymart has asked you to take on AmazingCo in the online e-commerce space. Wallymart can't seem to catch up, but they have identified several areas that are crucial to a successful e-commerce site: • high quality customer reviews • large selection of products • fast delivery You know Wallymart does really well in physical in-store space. You also know Wallymart has appetite to radically change the way their e-commerce store is designed today. You are in the driver seat. Option #1: Design a web store complete with products, reviews, ordering capabilities, and delivery. You will own this end to end meaning that Wallymart has decided to even own the delivery of the products and not outsource to USPS, UPS, etc. Option #2: Design a mobile app that does the above. Programming languages allowed for front end: HTML, Javascript, CSS Programming languages allowed for back-end processing: any object-oriented language, PHP. You will need to possibly learn web servers such as Apache (lots of tutorials online). Your setup should not be more complicated than an Apache web server with a light database. The database can be a flat file (CSV file) and does NOT have to be an actual database like MySQL. Wallymart is dependent on this being successful! Good luck! Deliverables: • Software code in Object oriented language (JAVA, C++, etc) • Documentation ? UML diagrams (show static and dynamic) ? Show at least 10+ classes ? Use cases (write a brief and a fully-dressed) ? code documentation ? architectural diagrams ? interaction/sequence diagrams
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Deliver in 60 Days | Bid ID: 1683 Mar 21,2019 Proposed Budget $2500


Deliver in 55 Days | Bid ID: 1684 Mar 21,2019 Proposed Budget $1450


Deliver in 40 Days | Bid ID: 1685 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $2500


Deliver in 30 Days | Bid ID: 1686 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $2000


Deliver in 30 Days | Bid ID: 1687 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1500


Deliver in 50 Days | Bid ID: 1688 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1500


Deliver in 40 Days | Bid ID: 1689 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1500


Deliver in 40 Days | Bid ID: 1692 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1350


Deliver in 45 Days | Bid ID: 1693 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1300

salman ahsaan

Deliver in 20 Days | Bid ID: 1694 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1500


Deliver in 20 Days | Bid ID: 1695 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1800


Deliver in 60 Days | Bid ID: 1697 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1500

RAOELIJAONA Allan Tojo Michaël

Deliver in 30 Days | Bid ID: 1700 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1200

Stanley John Kebite

Deliver in 60 Days | Bid ID: 1701 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1500


Deliver in 75 Days | Bid ID: 1702 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $1549


Deliver in 30 Days | Bid ID: 1703 Mar 22,2019 Proposed Budget $2000


Deliver in 20 Days | Bid ID: 1730 Mar 26,2019 Proposed Budget $2000