Mobile app dev for iso and anroid Php
Budget $550-$750
Bidding Time Mar 04,2019 - Mar 28, 2019

Job Description

we are an organisation where we have to deal with many physical time sheet for work completed. we need to develop a mobile app where our client can electronically signoff our employees time sheet through smart phone. essentially we will provide the PDF template of the time sheet Once a work is complete
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Client Profile Hadown
Member since Dec 17,2018 Finland
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Deliver in 30 Days | Bid ID: 1639 Mar 06,2019 Proposed Budget $700

Ravi Makhija

Deliver in 8 Days | Bid ID: 1674 Mar 13,2019 Proposed Budget $500

Brianna J

Deliver in 15 Days | Bid ID: 1678 Mar 29,2019 Proposed Budget $750


Deliver in 25 Days | Bid ID: 1753 Apr 01,2019 Proposed Budget $600


Deliver in 30 Days | Bid ID: 1812 Apr 21,2019 Proposed Budget $750